James Bond Video Quiz #1

How many questions can you answer in our James Bond Video Quiz?

Let us know how well you did in the comments below.

Don’t want to watch the video? Here are the questions:

  1. James Bond pilots the Acrostar minijet in which film?
    1. Moonraker
    2. Octopussy
    3. Tomorrow Never Dies
    4. Die Another Day
  2. Out of the following actors, who was the first to play James Bond?
    1. Roger Moore
    2. Daniel Craig
    3. Sean Connery
    4. David Niven
  3. Who performed the title theme to The Living Daylights?
    1. The Pet Shop Boys
    2. Duran Duran
    3. Gladys Knight
    4. A-ha
  4. Clifton James played which character in two James Bond films?
    1. Jaws
    2. Sheriff J.W.Pepper
    3. Felix Leiter
    4. Mr. Kidd
  5. Which of the following was not used to make up Scaramanga’s golden gun?
    1. Pen
    2. Cigarette lighter
    3. Cufflink
    4. Watch

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